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Sorton Partners

2 Scotts Road, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1GR

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2 Scotts Road, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1GR

Tel:01856 875417

Email:[email protected]

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A snapshot selection of the type of projects undertaken and the sectors we have helped.

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Community Led

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Sorton’s role as an independent resource that can be called upon ‘as required’ is a key element of our offering to micro and small businesses, social enterprises and community projects.  A sole trader, small partnership or board of trustees will often find itself in a situation where ‘another set of ears’ provides an essential view for new proposals, development ideas or problem solving and it is in this role that we believe our on-going support is an essential resource for these businesses and organisations.  We work closely with other professional services to ensure that our clients undertake a fully understood and co-ordinated approach to their activities – from helping to shape the right business structure for their circumstances to providing an independent review of their staffing requirements to producing a business and marketing plan, essential working documents for any business.

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