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2 Scotts Road, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1GR

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2 Scotts Road, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1GR

Tel:01856 875417

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Expert Knowledge

Most organisations do not have spare capacity. Running the day to day business and dealing with urgent demands can make it hard to find time to carry out important tasks that will make a difference to your business' future. Sorton Partners help organisations by providing additional capacity and can respond quickly, helping you to stay focused on your business objectives.

Quality Statements

Each member of the Sorton Partners Team has significant, senior level experience

and a track record of delivering high quality outcomes. We are members of the professional organisations that are relevant to our professional field, have

indemnity insurance and take our own continuous professional development



Creating Capacity

Fresh Perspective

It can be hard to see opportunities when you are working right in the middle of them -an outside perspective can help you to see the way forward. Sorton Partners bring objectivity, creativity and fresh thinking to organisational problems and opportunities. We are committed to doing business in a straight forward way, this means that we will give you an honest and sometimes challenging perspective.

Best Practice

Our goal is to help all our clients achieve their business goals in a practical, cost effective way.

Many organisations do not need business strategy, analysis, marketing and human resources skills in house. Instead they want to be able to buy in these skills in as and when they are required. Sorton Partners work alongside organisations to provide expert skills, knowledge and experience in a responsive, reliable and professional way exactly when needed.